Podcasting – What is it?

What is a podcast?

In its simplest form, a podcast is an MP3 file embedded in a text file. The text file in question is what we know as the RSS feed, or XML file.

However, in a broader sense, it’s a way to enhance your business’ marketing strategy or informational needs.

Do you have a fantastic new product that you’re dying to let people know about? Are you an expert in a certain field or industry? Do you have advice to give to others on how to manage certain situations or strategic implementation? Do you just like to talk about beer or comic books or video games?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions or if this bears any similarity to your own unique situation, podcasts may be right for you.

But, here’s the thing… podcasting isn’t just sitting behind a microphone and jawing at an invisible audience. There’s strategy to think through, equipment to buy, episode outlines to make, hosting, promoting and a ton of other things that go into podcasts. Otherwise, you’re making a recording for yourself and possibly your best friends or family, not making a podcast.

We have produced over 1100 episodes of podcasts and can help you do your own, either in our studio or with help making the right equipment purchases. Contact us to get a consultation quote today.

There will be more blog posts about podcasting and the other services we offer to come. Thanks for reading!


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