Let’s Do a Podcast

Let’s say you’re an expert in what you do and you want to explore the rapidly-growing world of podcasts to promote your business or show off that expertise.

“The Podfather” Tim Beeman

Purchasing equipment that you don’t know how to use, including computers, microphones, preamps, headphone amps, headphones, mic stands, cables, I/O devices, call services like Skype/Zoom/etc., mixers, blah blah blah… well, leads to a lot of headaches.

Do you want to spend your time sitting in front of YouTube researching the best equipment for your needs and then spending countless hours watching more YouTube videos about how to use or even set up what you just purchased?

Okay, let’s say you do. Then, when you don’t use it every day or every week, you forget how that works, so you have to refresh yourself. How much time does that cut into your content creation? Probably a lot.

That’s a whole different conversation, there: content creation. So, you’re expected to know how to run all this equipment and come up with content for your podcast? You have to keep it all straight and produce this, too? Whew. Okay. Go on with your bad self! Oh, and there’s this weird echo that happens during the whole episode? You mean you didn’t treat your room? Tsk tsk.

Now, where are you putting this podcast that you slaved over?

Wait, what? You mean it has to go somewhere? Yep. It needs to sit somewhere. A web address so that the RSS feed can alert pod-catchers (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, etc) that this new podcast episode is available.

Wait… what was that thing you said? RSS feed? Mm-hmm. So, not only does this podcast need a home, it needs a sign on the window to alert the passersby that it’s ready to be heard.

I know a lot of this is facetious and is making light of the situation. But, really, you can skip all this. What you would pay for equipment (even if you got it right the first time), time and all that jazz, you could pay a professional with a studio, with professional equipment, with 12 years of experience in podcasting and even more in audio and who knows how to get your stuff up and settled.

Sure, the cost will eventually even out, but as the old saying goes, time is money. Save your money for the things you love and want to do. Buy your kids toys or take your wife/hubs on vacation. You don’t need to know podcasting. You just need to know your business or even the niche in which you’re an expert (even if only in your head).

Such-N-Such Media can be that all-in-one podcast producer for you. We have “the Podfather” who can help you get your podcast off the ground with minimal effort on your part. Contact us and let’s schedule a one-on-one to discuss your podcasting needs. If it is more feasible for you to do your own, we’ll help you find the right equipment and help you with setup. Our job is to get you podcasting, whether we produce it or not. We’ve got you covered.

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