Are you wanting to record your own podcast? Don’t want to go to someone else’s studio or your schedule is not feasible for you to record at another studio?

Buying equipment for a podcast can be a daunting task. More times than naught, this leads to overspending or being stuck with a lot of extra equipment you don’t need or more than you know what to do with.

We have produced over 1000 episodes of podcasts over the last 11 years. We understand all budgets and can weed through the mess to find you the proper equipment needed at minimal cost.

Plus, knowing the process of recording is one thing. Post-production, server uploads and RSS feeds are just a few other topics that can trip up novice podcasters.

We offer consultations for this at a fee of $275 for up to two hours and $75 per hour thereafter. If you decide afterward to not do your own but use us for your podcast production, the $275 will be deducted from the episode rate.

Contact us for more information or to get a quote on any of our services.